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Diamond Body Lotus Training

Hyper-Dimensional Genetics and the Inter-Dimensional Geometry of Biological Transformation – A Multidisciplinary Experiential Attunement


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Module 1 – An Introduction for New Somanauts

  • Kaya Kalpa, the science of regeneration, which was a basic science throughout the Rig Veda, not only for Jesus like figures.
  • Sacred Inter-Geometry, beyond the Platonic solids, the skeleton behind all dimensions. 
  • The 512 dimensional resolution of the invariant golden mean in 3D. Our biological 512D per second continuum of our body.  As the topology of the engine of the Vortexijah, Diamond Body, and 8-Sphere Lotus Hypersphere.
  • Extracting the Rasana alchemy of the Rig Veda, through all alchemical traditions of biochemical transformation, from the Rasana (by which Agastya achieved the Body of Light, and regenerated a fresh body), to the Rasayana (enabling Boganathar the same, or similar biogenesis), to the Rasaratnakara (by which Nagarjuna, the 11th Buddhist patriarch, achieved the body of light). 
  • Somejetics and Somagenics, 
  • Various elixirs, and unique details in our alchemical studies protocols: Rig-Vedic, Vedic, Egyptian, arcane tantric Buddhism, Sumerian, Babylonian, Medieval Rasa alchemy (the Fulcanelli group and Fulcanelli scientists, their analysis of the green lion, and red lion elixirs), the Christian Eucharist, Buddhistic Anutaratantra Yoga, and others. 
  • A new science understanding of the process of Intermediary controlled nuclear fusion of the body shadow hologram, into homo-ethericus or the Original Model source of the hologram.
  • Protocols for Diamond Body Lotus vivid experience.
  • Darkroom Retreat Technology, the Rainbow Body, and beyond, the Diamond Body Vajra-Ratha*.    
  • *There are two forms of Darkrooms.
  •            1. The basic Endohuasca forms, with exercises and meditations to assist activation.
  •            2. Darkrooms where Diamond Body Lotus Trainings, where the 200+ techniques, protocols, meditations, methods, exercises of the Diamond Body Lotus Training, including the 8-16 Lotus spins, turn into a graphic interface that is truly superior, and is the graphic interface to intermediary controlled nuclear fusion of the body to the Original Blueprint.

Meet Your Flight Instructor​

Ananda Bosman

“Ananda’s multiple density, Vortexijah Model, and hyperdimensional model is a revolutionary breakthrough. An extraordinary visionary scientist, we have been waiting for one like him for some time”

– Dr. Klaudeous Kern, Ph.d. Director of the Institute for Morpho-Energetics, Stuttgart.

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